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Hey ;) Lovers, guess who’s back on these following dates ;D ?

REGINA April 1st
SASKATOON April 14th

So while I'm in town, got a quick quiz for ya ;O

"Roses are Red, Nuts are Brown
Skirts go Up, Pants go Down
Body to Body, Skin to Skin
When it is Stiff, Stick it In
The Longer its In, The stronger it Gets
It goes in all Dry, goes out all W.E.T,
When it turns all Soft, it will starts to Sag."

What do u think I'm talking about here ? XD

's a Hazel Nut Rose Teabag, Of courseee...

What else could it be, hmmm ???!! ;P


So, who’s up for some tea time with me? ;D

(Text To Book Only 780-884-7656)


Poster's age: 23

• Location: Incall Only! Saskatoon, Regina, Saskatoon

Escort ADs in Saskatoon

604-334-2592 Posted 18 days ago

Age: 21

403-608-7171 Posted 7 hours ago

Age: 25

306-993-0380 Posted 5 days ago

Age: 23

587-315-7991 Posted 23 days ago

Age: 24