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Here are some reviews about 289-210-4374

  • vacahfr

    8/3/2020 14:23

    Super sexy and curvy Asian girl. She can swallow a cock real deep and loves drinking cum. Her asshole was clean and tight. She loved having it stretched out. This girl made my cock drip hard. I filled her teen asshole three times. By the third time, her asshole was loose and the fuck was hot and smooth. She still clenched my dick with her asshole and begged me to stuff her full of cum. Angela Bai gives some of the best service you'll find.

  • Cory Scott

    3/4/2021 22:05

    I love her nice tits and curves. I fucked her sexy asshole so hard

  • asrgash

    3/21/2021 10:43

    I loved her nice round ass and jiggly tits. She took every inch deep inside her hot asshole and squeezed my load out

  • Allen Lee

    5/18/2021 02:55

    Her sexy teen ass is hot and tight.

  • abcd

    7/27/2021 14:16

    she is a fake ad..she has another ad on here.complete different girl

  • Joshua_Ni

    1/28/2022 16:59

    I loved her nice tits and tight round ass. It feelt great stretching out her sexy ass

  • Caius Nair

    5/17/2022 09:09

    I loved Angela Bai's juicy ass. I loved feeling her raw asshole clench my cock while I pumped her deep with my cum. Going balls deep inside her tight asshole feels amazing and I loved feeling her juicy ass cheeks jiggle on my crotch. Angela Bai is a the sexiest Asian teen you'll meet. You must try forcing your cock inside her raw asshole. Her tight walls will melt you. I bought extra time just to empty my balls inside her sexy asshole. She says she loves feeling cum inside her. Just hearing her beg me to nake her carry my seed made cum so much harder and I filled her with much more semen than I thought I could. My balls are still sore from spending my day stretching out her ass filling it with seed

  • Caius Nair

    6/16/2022 19:04

    Angwiella has a nice ass I loved fucking. Her tight asshole took every inch and she let me fuck her hard

  • asrgash

    8/6/2022 23:16

    Vanessa Li's dancer ass is so sexy. I love petite Asian girls with tight little asses. Feeling my cock slide slide into her asshole got me so horny. She lets you cum raw inside her and continue fucking her if you have the time. I'm definitely coming back to this girl to drop another hot load inside her tight ass


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