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Toronto, Ontario



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Reviews from Anonmo1

  • 437-375-3422

    3/26/2024 02:31

    This SHYANNE milf doesn't have sex. Just smokes weed the hole session. Saying sex is painful for her. Waste of money.

  • 289-799-2270

    12/31/2023 17:26

    Offers bareback sex, cum in pussy. $160 15mins - $200 half hour

  • 289-796-1990

    11/8/2023 03:44

    Not worth the drive. She ghosted me once I arrived at her hotel. Hotel is about 10mins from the Niagara Falls

  • 226-750-5060

    11/8/2023 03:42

    Offers bareback sex, bbw, best in doggystyle

  • 226-799-0877

    11/8/2023 03:41

    Offers Bareback sex, bbw, looks great in doggystyle

  • 226-289-9660

    11/8/2023 03:37

    Not worth the drive to see her. Once you arrive at her place she will ghost you. Based in London, Ontario.

  • 289-901-4775

    4/28/2023 08:14

    'warning.she is a scammer.i texted her and she replied that she doesn't accept cash.only accepts steam cards,visa prepaid cards cards,amazon cards,apple cards.and you have to send her the card codes before she sends her room scam stay away'

  • 647-486-3537

    3/16/2023 19:53

    She used to offer bareback sex. Not sure if she still does. If you like bbw girls she's for you.

  • 437-500-7320

    10/28/2022 11:35

    Offers bareback sex. Is 60 years old

  • 226-884-5937

    10/6/2022 08:39

    Fake ad. I was given the location but when I arrived she ghosted me. Drove from Toronto to London, Ontario & then ended going to a different girl after, kind of ruined my mood.

  • 226-884-9537

    10/6/2022 08:37

    Fake ad. I was given the location but when I arrived she ghosted me m. Drove from Toronto to London, Ontario & then ended going to a different girl after, kind of ruined my mood.

  • 647-503-9925

    10/6/2022 08:32

    Pictures come from a Black girl named Nicole from google search using the same number. Aged 22.

  • 226-884-6915

    5/12/2022 11:28

    I talked in text to his person on April 28th, 2022. I booked a bareback session which she offers it. I booked 2hours $150, seems to good to be true. I drove from Toronto, was a 2hour 20min drive. Once I got there, she told me the appartment number & buzz. BUT she ghosted me when i arrived there. I have screenshot proof of the text message & I also took pictures of how this appartment looks like. I basically wasted 2hours 20min drive to london to see her & she ghosted me. Don't bother with going to see her guys.

  • 226-841-4425

    5/12/2022 11:17

    She doesn't text back & answer her calls

  • 226-799-7045

    5/12/2022 11:15

    I went to see her on April 30th, 2022. I went for bareback sex for 2hours $400. The service was great, not the drive since I came from Toronto. I fucked her for 45mins in doggystyle bareback. Her in doggystyle it's a amazing experience, 10/10. I will visit her again.

  • 202-854-0972

    3/17/2022 17:27

    Fake ad, number from Washington, DC

  • 289-228-0299

    3/17/2022 17:20

    Blocks your number if you don't come see her. Also offers covered sex. Doesn't offer multiple hours

  • 647-474-0336

    2/26/2022 04:08

    If you like Chubby BBW she's for you. She offers bareback sex for $200hr. You also need to buy her smokes before you come see her another $16. After you creampie her she will tell you to come back in evening or she will text you back. She never texted back. Session was half hour, then she started to complain about the room fees

  • 802-587-2424

    12/25/2021 10:50

    From the States not Canada. Doing a search on number comes from Virginia, usa

  • 647-365-2219

    12/22/2021 23:02

    Send a text & no answer back

  • 647-965-8336

    12/22/2021 22:55

    I texted them & No answer back

  • 437-233-1175

    12/22/2021 14:16

    First thing pictures in ad are Fake. From Google image search come out as "Mallu girl pictures"

  • 437-994-4804

    12/17/2021 18:53

    I seen a YouTube video of someone saying she scams people & lives with her son

  • 416-727-5941

    12/17/2021 05:03

    Same Pictures from Feb 10th, from Google search

  • 646-801-7046

    12/17/2021 04:56

    Fake ad. Pictures are from USA different locations also

  • 289-779-4540

    12/14/2021 22:58

    She's bald & wears a wing. She also offers bbfs

  • 647-926-7399

    11/26/2021 03:32

    There is videos of her during bbfs sex, not sure if she offers that to everyone

  • 416-321-0091

    11/25/2021 05:05

    Fake ad. The Instagram named sexy_2berry is from states. I also did try to ask simple questions. After some time the person stopped messaging back.

    The person said that they live at 123 queens st w in downtown. I seen the ad first on Babylon but pictures dont match. Person said the other girl is there sister.

    Searching the number it's based in Scarborough at a townhouse. Once I asked the person didn't answer back.

    Careful brothers

  • 289-803-7474

    11/25/2021 05:00

    She is aged 53 from what I heard

  • 226-931-5620

    11/24/2021 16:58

    Call her or text her to find out what she offers @douglas

  • 416-389-1927

    11/24/2021 16:56

    Only sees Caucasian guys. Don't waste your time if your not that

  • 805-888-2144

    11/22/2021 00:26

    Fake ad & pictures are from USA of a model

  • 765-291-5828

    11/22/2021 00:25

    Fake ad & pictures are from USA of a model

  • 365-240-1066

    11/22/2021 00:24

    Fake ad & pictures are from usa of a model

  • 437-533-3118

    11/22/2021 00:23

    She doesn't text back once you send her a msg. In her past ads she says she is very busy. it's not that hard to text

  • 437-339-8072

    11/22/2021 00:16

    From what I heard she does duos with her trans friend. Not sure who is who in the pictures

  • 904-878-0637

    11/17/2021 12:48

    Fake pictures, pictures are from USA of a pornstar

  • 647-700-5502

    11/17/2021 12:45

    Shes overweight bbw. Pictures are outdated. She just sits on bed & smokes no sex. She only took her pants off so you could touch her pussy otherwise it was a waste of time.

    Damage was $300

  • 289-274-3939

    11/14/2021 04:04

    Seems fake because I send a text & got no answer back

  • 647-450-9603

    11/13/2021 22:36

    She does sex with condom, no kissing, no bbbj from the last time I checked. Also she lives with her pimp or husband

  • 289-778-6863

    11/13/2021 22:33

    She doesn't text back. I waited 2 days & got no answer back. Not sure if this ad is real or fake.

  • 226-780-4470

    11/13/2021 22:31

    She came from London. Only was here for 1 night.

  • 289-441-1438

    11/12/2021 23:53

    She used to do bbfs before the lockdowns happened. Not anymore it seems like

  • 437-522-0596

    11/12/2021 00:14

    Reviews on Sp411 say she is fatter than the pictures & razor sharp teeth. Reviews are from 2017 tho

  • 437-522-1477

    11/12/2021 00:06

    Some pictures in this ad are fake

  • 647-829-3767

    11/7/2021 11:03

    She's a shemale. Has a dick. I went to see her a couple years ago. Damage was $200

    She was located near Woodbine Casino in a hotel. She looks like pictures better in person. Alot kissing & she's got a nice big ass.

    She only let me fuck her anal with condom. The other parts like her penis she hides. She had a boyfriend at that time but he was fine with she did.

    After I let she went behind me & pretend to fuck me from the back. I was like wait a minute. I got home did some research & turns out she's a Latina shemale. I haven't see her penis. Maybe next I'll ask her if I can see it.

  • 647-717-3584

    11/6/2021 00:20

    Make sure to first text 'Peaches' if you want to see her

  • 365-801-8708

    11/6/2021 00:16

    I texted her & got no answer back

  • 289-804-6888

    11/5/2021 23:06

    I seen her a couple years ago. She offers bareback sex. Damage was $200hr

    When I went to hotel, she was standing outside of door looking. Then I went in. She's is more of bbw than the pictures. She just was laying down on bed smoking didn't bother having sex. I asked her to ride my cock she said that "you know how bad it hurts" wasted my money on her & she didn't nothing. Then she said she had a friend if you wanted duo that was another $100. Her friend was busy. I got ripped off on that too since she didn't give the amount back.

    Don't waste your time brothers.

  • 437-335-1770

    11/5/2021 20:45

    Pictures of different girls maybe duos?

  • 289-219-4046

    11/3/2021 11:35

    She's been using the same pictures from 2019

  • 719-315-1657

    11/3/2021 11:26

    FAKE PICTURES they are from Maya Moreno, probably from USA

  • 416-785-1963

    11/3/2021 11:21

    She was a pornstar under 60 Plus Milfs. In her videos she did bareback But her session is all covered.

  • 647-503-0154

    11/3/2021 11:17

    She offers bareback. She works with that other 40 year old girl. Same type of body

  • 289-796-3290

    11/3/2021 11:14

    She is bald & also offers bareback. I haven't seen her yet

  • 416-508-2970

    10/29/2021 23:25

    She's got a onlyfans page. I haven't seen her yet but maybe one day. Lives in downtown Toronto

  • 416-931-1585

    10/29/2021 23:23

    Fake pictures still. From what I seen on other escort site they charge you more for the address which doesn't make sense before you come

  • 289-804-6888

    10/29/2021 23:20

    Out dated pictures. She also asks you your background & age then doesn't answer back

  • 289-779-0999

    10/27/2021 12:30

    Fake picture, if your on Google chrome you can image search the picture & comes up on other porn pic sites

  • 705-710-8806

    10/27/2021 11:31

    Pictures are also fake. Pictures are from a girl in usa

  • 647-581-5738

    10/27/2021 11:28

    I heard she only does Car Calls with Bareback sex

  • 416-876-5617

    10/27/2021 11:14

    Some people of other escort sites said "if your not caucasian good luck" plus only sees 40+ men

  • 647-641-6825

    10/26/2021 17:48

    She offers bareback for 1 hour is $400. She is very skinny. Has a nice ass & great sucking skills. Located in Markham

  • 647-486-5699

    10/26/2021 17:37

    Be Careful if you don't end up going or come late. She will up giving you threats or she will send someone else to do it.

  • 416-240-6187

    10/23/2021 11:15

    Pictures are Fake. When you there she is aged 40s or 50s. Doesn't do what she says in text.

    In texting she says she offers bareback or condom sex. For condom sex she sprays some chemical on your dick then puts condom on. When you go there she wears a mask so no kissing. She only takes off mask when blowjob. She is also very skinny, small ass, doesn't know much English.

    Your husband or pimp watches from the living room. Also inside the room is cameras on screen so they know when you will arrive. Cameras in the hallway & in all rooms. You are being watched

  • 613-919-6238

    10/21/2021 12:55

    Offers Bareback for $200-300. If your into that stuff

  • 289-690-4507

    10/21/2021 12:53

    I tried to text her & got no answer back. Probably had to call her?

  • 226-750-5060

    10/21/2021 12:50

    She asked me what my age, background was & she didn't end up texting back.

  • 647-486-5569

    10/21/2021 12:48

    I seen her a couple times. She offers bareback sex for $250hr . Lives near Yonge & finch. She also likes big dicks. Aged 40+. Pictures are a bit outdated also.

    Please be careful if you book & don't show up. She will send you threats. Someone else will send those words.

    Be careful bro's.

  • 416-335-1770

    10/21/2021 12:45

    Pictures are fake. Session is covered sex. No bbbj, no kissing

  • 416-305-5078

    10/21/2021 12:44

    Session is covered sex. No kissing, no bbbj.

  • 438-806-6657

    10/21/2021 12:35

    This is a fake Katrina is has a podcast and does porn... Not from Canada

  • 647-503-8065

    10/21/2021 12:34

    This is a fake Katrina is has a podcast and does porn... Not from Canada

  • 647-486-5699

    10/21/2021 04:05

    I seen her a couple times. She offers bareback sex for $250hr . Lives near Yonge & finch. She also likes big dicks. Aged 40+. Pictures are a bit outdated also

  • 437-374-7288

    10/17/2021 09:04

    She offers: 100HH - 180HR, massage, shower, bbbj, bbfs. Bbfs is 160hh - 320hr.

  • 647-496-6558

    10/16/2021 22:35

    Ah thanks for the update bro

  • 905-872-5884

    10/13/2021 11:26

    I went to see her in May or June.

    Once I got the address I went to her location. She was in Brampton, living in the basement. Once I got there, the door was already open. The pictures match her. I paid the amount.

    First she did blowjob & talking about her life. After blowjob we did doggystyle for about 45mins the view was great. Dream ass. Only thing she didn't take off her shirt she had on saying don't touch my boobs but you can touch anything else. That was a bit turn off. After doggystyle, I had to jerk off to finish. So I told her to bend over while I touched her ass & cummed.

    She then was talking about how she was married now single mom, living with her son. Then saying how mostly indian guys visit her.

    One disadvantage she didn't strip nude. Still had clothing on. Which was a turn off. The other good thing is her ass it was great. I loved the shape, perfect fit. Maybe I will see her again.

    Damage was 180hr for 1hour.

  • 647-717-3584

    10/12/2021 11:40

    I seen on 07 31 2021.

    I went to see her. She was located off the 400 near hwy7 in a hotel. I got the floor & room number. Knocked on door, the face matches the pictures but she gained a bit. Once you walk in she's got one small dog who barks at you, calms down after. I went to undress & then she started with blowjob. Only thing she kept her black sweater on, saying she feels cold.

    After the blowjob she said what position you want to try, then she said she was tried so let's do doggystyle. I did doggystyle for about 45mins then giving her a creampie. Once I did creampie she locked me with her legs & left me for 10mins then letting go. I guess she wanted to feel the cum inside her.

    She started to say whisper something like "oh I need to pay for my room when the cleaning person comes", which is understandable. Then she said she needs to sleep "my stomach feels funny". Then she got dressed & said "Can you come back in evening?" I said sure. But funny thing I never got a text back from her in evening & she kept putting ads up that she was free.

    Only thing I would like to add is, if you like BBW she's for you.

    Damage was $200 plus $16 Belmont smokes. Service was bbfs for 2hours.

    Giving her ad a 3 star because she needs to work on her hours booked. Basically kicked me out once I did creampie & never texted me back. Also since I booked for 2hours. I still have her messages on my phone.

  • 647-496-6558

    10/12/2021 11:06

    Question, Is she doing this because she wants to or because someone is forcing her to do this?

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