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Toronto, Ontario



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Reviews from abcd

  • 647-486-5569

    12/23/2021 12:07

    pictures are not accurate.she is a bit fatter in the ass.she seemed a bit drunk when I saw her.she offers bareback and lets you cum inside her pussy for $400.and for $500 she lets you fuck her in the ass bareback for 1hour.warning however, she is insane I mean like totally nuts

  • 647-524-2764

    12/4/2021 12:24

    thats my cock she's sucking.and my baby she's carrying

  • 416-931-1585

    11/13/2021 13:53

    warning.she is a scammer.i texted her and she replied that she doesn't accept cash.only accepts steam cards,visa prepaid cards cards,amazon cards,apple cards.and you have to send her the card codes before she sends her room scam stay away

  • 647-496-6558

    10/24/2021 17:51

    I believe she is doing it on her own.although kosic416 is right.she is inexperienced.she mentioned she was getting her own place

  • 416-240-6187

    10/24/2021 17:42

    guys anonmo1 is right on this one.i also heard a man's voices from another room.and at one time I even heard a baby crying.but she was like a robot,meaning it felt like it was her 20th time doing it that day.very robotic and rushed.i would stay away

  • 416-000-7000

    10/17/2021 09:23

    I fucked this whore with no condom and I got her im forever linked with this whore for life

  • 647-496-6558

    10/3/2021 14:45

    guys she is 16 years old.she has a place near York university at steeles and finch

  • 416-300-4580

    10/3/2021 09:25

    scammer.she does not offer sex

  • 289-514-0774

    10/3/2021 09:14

    she says no bareback but I talked her into it.for an extra $100 and I cummed inside her pussy

  • 705-990-4565

    10/3/2021 09:06

    rushed me to fuck her again 15mins after the first fuck.i wasn't ready so while I was rebooting she did a facetime session with another customer.wasted my time and money

  • 416-000-0079

    10/3/2021 08:59

    her bf is her pimp..stay away

  • 705-302-8872

    10/3/2021 08:52

    warning....this whore has a pimp.stay away

  • 249-499-4342

    9/26/2021 16:07

    I took the 850 allnight deal with this whore.she will let you do anything to her.bareback pussy and anal,swallow your load..anything and everything.if you wanna spend the money

  • 705-710-5336

    9/26/2021 16:03

    nice frame.she says no anal but I talked her into time i'll talk her into bareback anal

  • 705-995-0332

    9/26/2021 16:00

    she is a fake cunt.catfished me.switch n bait.however you want to call it.and she has a black pimp in the next been warned

  • 705-315-5516

    9/26/2021 15:58

    not worth it.she is a clock watcher.she's all will regret your time and money

  • 705-710-8774

    9/26/2021 15:55

    bigtime druggie.needle marks on her arms and toes.definately wear a condom with this whore

  • 249-288-8642

    9/26/2021 15:52

    definately not the best bbbj I had.her pussy smells.she has a gaping pussy you could pass adumtruck through.she's a clock watcher down to the minute

  • 289-434-3554

    9/26/2021 15:48

    nice thin frame.she let me fuck her bareback and cum inside her pussy

  • 705-243-9351

    9/26/2021 15:46

    I fucked this whore without a condom and now shes having my baby.she will let you fuck her bareback and cum inside her

  • 647-215-8789

    9/26/2021 15:37

    big time coke head.i brought her some cocaine and she let me fuck her bareback.but she wouldn't let me cum inside her pussy

  • 647-328-7912

    9/26/2021 15:29

    dodgy townhouse.i see her regularly.last time I brought her heroine and she let me fuck her in the ass bareback and I cummed inside her ass.if your into that kinda stuff bring her some drugs and she'll let you

  • 705-999-9843

    9/6/2021 15:52

    stay away.she has a pimp and will rob you.......stay away

  • 647-328-7912

    8/8/2021 10:28

    for some cocaine she let me fuck her bareback and let me to cum inside her time i'll bring her heroine maybe she'll let me cum in her ass

  • 647-328-7912

    7/27/2021 14:50

    doggy townhouse complex at jane and grandravine.not the most cleanliest places.she has a roommate.altho not a clock watcher.she was fun

  • 647-695-9183

    7/27/2021 14:39

    been trying to get a hold of her for some time.never seems to reply

  • 437-987-5585

    7/27/2021 14:30

    stay away.switch n bait.complete different girl at the door.rushed service.there is a guy speaking thai in another room.also heard a baby crying in the apartment. I asked her who that was but she doesn't speak very good english.she has many different ads on here so its hard to point her out.but her address is 166 kennedy rd,brampton

  • 289-210-4374

    7/27/2021 14:16

    she is a fake ad..she has another ad on here.complete different girl

  • 289-544-9184

    7/19/2021 17:50

    STAY AWAY!! .79 Mcmurchy,brampton.she wasn't the girl in the pics.she gave the excuse that the other girl went home.the front door is held closed with a 2x4.the house is a dump.smells of weed.there is no furniture in the visible front part of the house.only a table and 2 chairs.she asked for the donation took it and when I asked where the session takes place she said right there in the front part of the house.she disappears through a door leading to the back part of the house.after a few minutes of waiting I called her for my money back.i went through the door and discovered there was a black pimp hiding in the bedroom.i got into an altercation with them both.i even called police to come out but it was a busy fri night and would be hours before they got there.she goes by the name Natalie he goes by the name tokio.STAY AWAY they will rob you. 79 Mcmurchy,brampton

  • 289-989-2511

    7/17/2021 14:10

    STAY AWAY..79 Mcmurchy,brampton.there is a black pimp goes by the name tokio.hiding in the back part of the house in a bedroom.the house is a dump.the front door is held shut with a smelled of weed.she's also on listcrawler,leolist.goes by natalie.they will rob you.STAY AWAY

  • 289-804-7173

    7/17/2021 14:02

    STAY AWAY..she went by the name Natalie.and there is a black pimp goes by the name tokio hiding in the back part of the house in a bedroom.they will rob you..DO NOT GO

  • 437-241-3970

    7/14/2021 17:05

    STAY AWAY!!!!.she was not the girl in the pics.79 mcmurchy av,brampton.the house is scary.the front door is held shut with a piece of 2x4.there is no furniture in the front part of the smelled of weed.she answered the door in a towel i asked where does the session take place she said -right there-which was the front part of the house with only 2 chairs and a table. she asks for the money and then disappears through a door leading to the back part of the house.after a few mins of waiting..i went back there to ask for my money back and i discovered that there was a black pimp hiding in the bedroom..he goes by the name of tokio.she goes by the name natalie.i got into an altercation with them for my money back.i didn't get it all back.i even called the police to come out but it was a busy fri night.she's also on listcrawler,escort babylon, her by name or number.STAT AWAY!!!

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